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The Holes


1st Fairway

1st Fairway


A tough opener with out of bounds left and trees right. Hitting the green in 2 is very difficult so best lay up and pitch on. Your pitching however must be up to scratch as you are hitting over part of the old quarry which makes this a tough opening hole.


Straight at the middle of the green is the play here. This hole plays anything from a wedge to a 4 iron off the back tee. The green is split subtly in to 3 levels so getting clubbing right is a must.

2nd Green

2nd Green


Dogleg par 5 that usually plays below its par. A straight 3 wood off the tee will work its way round the corner on the slope. Your second must avoid the bunkers short of the green leaving a pitch to a green that appears to deceive the eye.


First of the tough par 4 holes played straight in to the prevailing wind. Playing uphill and with out of bounds on your left it is a tough hole. The fun starts at the green however should you hit your second beyond the pin.


A brute of a hole when the wind is up. Play this as a par 5 and walk to the next tee happy. The green is very long so be careful when pitching on to the green that you get your yardage correct.


A long iron or hybrid off the tee will leave a short approach. Make sure you take account of the wind as off the tee you are protected by trees. Heather lurks to the left and right which can mean a lost ball and a double bogie or worse if you are wayward.


Long hitters can reach the green but this is the best played as a classic short par 4. Play for position off the tee to the left and pitch on. Your pitch must be accurate as the green is split in 2 from front to back and slopes viciously from right to left making putting a real challenge.


A sweeping par 4 that plays uphill with the green sitting across you. After hitting the fairway pay attention to your yardage for your second as it plays uphill. The front right bunker is probably the busiest on the course!!

9th Green

9th Green

MacKenzie's use of the old quarries comes in to play here. Hit the green and you have a flat putt on a big green for birdie. Miss the green and you have little or no chance of making a 3.

10th Green

10th Green

A downhill par 4 that should be played as a fairway wood and a pitch. Try to get well down the fairway as this leaves a flatter lie for your pitch. Drives that favour the right hand side of the fairway leave a second over bunkers, those down the left an approach over pond. The green complex is pure MacKenzie with huge slopes, visitors rarely allow enough borrow. A par is a good score.


Despite its short yardage it plays long due to it being uphill. A generous fairway to hit the hole is all about the second shot and putting. An uphill mid to short iron must be accurate as a ball hit past the pin can leave an impossible putt depending on the position of the flag.

12th Green

12th Green

A tough par 3 that usually plays in to the wind. During the year members will hit anything from 8 iron to driver!! Play for the middle of the green and move on a 3 is always a good score.


A tough par 5 that usually plays into the breeze. Out of bounds right should not bother you. The hard part is the lay up as you must play from a sloping lie to a narrow fairway with heather left and out of bounds right. The green is a classic MacKenzie design with 5 or 6 separate sections to it. read your putt carefully.


A short par 3 surrounded by bunkers. If you miss the green 3 is a good score as the traps are deep but also narrow from front to back. Read your putt carefully as this will actually work up the hill from certain positions.


A par 5 played down hill and usually down wind. This runs parallel to the 5th and members are happy to play the 2 combined in 9 strokes dependant on the wind. Trees and out of bounds right all the way down means you must keep your drive and second shot down the left hand side. Once on the green you are best putting from back to front as this is an uphill putt.


Arguably the best hole on the course. A par 4 with a rolling fairway where the second shot plays uphill. Heather right off the tee and rough left mean hitting the fairway is a priority. Your second is played to a green that sits in a bowl and it narrow and sloping. If the flag is to the right of the green stay away from it and hot your second to the middle. If the flag is at the front you are best being in the front fringe and putting up the slope.

17th Hole

17th Hole

Played over a quarry to a large flat green this hole provides some respite. Reading the green can be tough as the breaks are very subtle.


A strong that plays downhill. Out of bounds left off the tee has to be paid attention to as do 3 copse of trees down the right. A downhill second plays shorter that its yardage but bunkers all around the green mean accuracy is paramount. The green like many before it needs reading carefully if you are to hole your birdie putt.