Crosland Heath Golf Club
Crosland Heath Golf Club
Est. 1914
Course Open
Crosland Heath Golf Club
1st. C & L Chrimes                               45 points
2nd J & G Leyfield                                41 points  BB9
3rd : Mr Captain-Elect & Jan Speight   41 points
4th S & J Heywood                               40 points 
Nearest the pin on 14th Mrs J Hutchinson
Nearest the pin on 17th Mr C Chrimes
All vouchers will be posted out to winners this week.
Gents Open Result 
*Reduced to 15 holes*
1st Place - D Stott & C Smith 38 points
2nd Place - G Bickerdike & R Hartas 37 points
3rd Place - M Pogson & R Kalinowski 36 points
4th Place - P Crepaldi & P Crosse 36 points
5th Place - S Stewart & S King 36 points
Nearest the Pin @ 9th - C Smith
Longest Drive @ 5th - A Pritchard 
Vouchers to follow in the post. 
Seniors Open
1st - P Crook & T Yates 46 points
2nd - P West & J West 45 points
3rd - M Anstey & A Nicholls 43 points b9 22
4th - I Lindley & S Evans 43 points b9 18
5th - D Russell & D Hoyles 42 points b9 23
6th - A Pilling & D Delaney 42 points b9 22
Nearest the Pin
2nd - B Spary
9th - M Travis
12th - A Wheatley **Hole in One**
14th - R Casson
17th - H Lees
Vouchers to follow in the post. 

Rabbits Results

1st Donald Woodhead / Edward Wilson CHGC 49pts BB9 24

2nd Bill Morgan / Paul Cooper (Durham) 49pts BB6

3rd Gerry Nicholson / Doug Smith CHGC 49pts

4th Max Leonard / Josh Dixon CHGC 49pts BB9 26

5th Chris Backhouse / Rob Moore  48pts

Sponsored Holes

2nd Doug Smith CHGC

8th G Parkin South Leeds

9th M Haslam South Leeds

10th D Platt South Leeds

12th D Price South Leeds

14th Rowland Ellis CHGC

17th Max Leonard CHGC

Jason Proctor
Fiona Proctor
Steven Smith
Kathryn Smith
86 points
2nd Place:
K King
R King
T Shrivell
H Jacques
84 points
J Tingle
M Whelan
M Bell
D Bell
84 points
Nearest the pins-:
9th-: R Helving
14th-: L Jowitt
Dave Ineson & Margaret Ineson                     42 points BB23
2nd Place-:
Mark Smith & Lesley White (Meltham)           42 points BB21
3rd Place-:
Jeffrey Muff & Shorley Muff ( Rochdale)         42 points BB15
4th Place-:
David Gledhill & Alison Gledhill (Rochdale)    42 points
Ladies :   Beth Bates       (CHGC)         20'
Mens:      STeve Smith    (Branshaw)    48'
Vouchers will be posted out to the winners.
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