Crosland Heath Golf Club
Crosland Heath Golf Club
Est. 1914
Course Open
Preferred Lies On
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Crosland Heath Golf Club
1st Place: Steve Floyd (CHGC) & Mark Floyd (CHGC)                        43   (BB9)
2nd Place: Michael Maude (Meltham) & Chris Whiteley (Meltham)       43   (BB9)
3rd Place: Andrew Charnley (Wakefield) & Paul Wright (Bradley Hall) 43
4th Place: Don Langham & Dean White (Owston Hall)                        42
5th Place: Graham Proctor (CHGC) & P Marsland (CHGC)                  41   (BB9)
6th Place: Martyn Travis (CHGC) & Andy Taylor (CHGC)                    41
Longest Drive on 8th: Tony Cobb (Owston Hall)
Nearest Pin on 9th: Damon Hanson (Meltham)
Nearest pin on 17th: Rick Hewitt (Fulford)
Many thanks to all who played considering the weather!
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