Crosland Heath Golf Club
Crosland Heath Golf Club
Est. 1914
Course Open
Preferred Lies On
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Crosland Heath Golf Club
Remember only players who have entered a minimum of 5 competitions will be eligible to win a prize. Once the last 2 events have taken place the table will be updated to reflect only the eligible players.
Ryan Lawton Outlane 56
George Hanson Crosland Heath 40
Finn Sutcliffe West End 39
Oliver Caton Crosland Heath 38
Jamie Walker Crosland Heath 25
Joel Rushworth Crosland Heath 24
Kian Sutcliffe West End 24
Matthew Holden Lightcliffe 22
Joe Hainsworth Outlane 20
Harry Netherwood West End 18
Joe Wyatt Bradley Park 17
Max Nicholson West End 16
Seb Crabtree Woodsome 16
Cameron Spurr Low Laithes 16
M Payne Bramhall Park 16
Rhys Haywood Bradley Park 16
Bethany Prince WHGC 15.5
Connor Crossley Bradley Park 15
Rees Borbley Hanging Heaton 15
Hamish Child Bradley Park 15
Harry Butler Silkstone 15
Lewis Hokinson Bradley Hall 15
L Hayhirst Bingley St Ives 15
James Scargill Hanging Heaton 15
Adam Gunn Sandmoor 14
Oliver Bagley Elland 14
Joe Lowson West End 14
Lucas Barden Hanging Heaton 13
Kalem Billey Huddersfield 12
Nick Crane West End 12
Sam Sharman Crosland Heath 12
Jordan Taylor Bradley Park 11
Tom Collins Wortley 10.5
Joe Jackson Elland 10
Harry Boothroyd Crosland Heath 10
L Campbell Bramhall Park 10
Luke Jessop Meltham 9
Sheldon McFadzean Bradley Park 9
James Bailey Meltham 8.5
Tom Wimpenny Outlane 8
Charlie Cliffe Bradley Hall 8
Tom Ruecroft Hanging Heaton 8
Freddie Nicholson West End 7
Paul Dean Crosland Heath 6
Jessica Hoskins Huddersfield 6
Jessica Hirst Outlane 6
O McHon Bradley Hall 6
Joe Beeby Outlane 5
George Nicholson Wortley 5
Nicola Slater Woodsome 5
Jamie O'Connor Nelson 5
Lily Hirst Outlane 4
Cristian Salvini Crosland Heath 4
Elliott Lister Bradley Hall 3
Sam Laycock Elland 2
Joe Dalton West End 2
Matthew Hudson Outlane 1
Ben Pullen Saddleworth 1
Harry Taylor-Hughes Woodsome 1
Josh Wilson Crosland Heath 1
Charlotte Heath West End 1
Bradley Knight Crosland Heath 1
Freddie Barker Crosland Heath 1
Lydia Robson Elland 1
Max Robinson Elland 1
Rhys Taylor Elland 1
Fahad Ahmed Leeds Golf Centre 1
Nick Crane West End 1
A Palmer Bramhall Park 1
J Foster Bingley St Ives 1
T Pratt Bradley Hall 1
T Nicholson Marsden Park 1
J Bean Lightcliffe 1
C Warrington Bingley St Ives 1
Finlay Power Otley 1
Edward Taylor-Hughes Woodsome 1
Charlotte Eastwood Woodsome 1
Freddie Parlby Hallows 1
Katie Jane Stanley Manchester 1
Victoria Kelly Woodsome 1
Dominic Hughes Crosland Heath 1
Adam Bedforth Woodsome 1
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