World Cup Quiz Night 

Fri 8th June £10 per team of 4.

Round-the-world food specials

available from the kitchen 



Course Open

No Restrictions






MacKenzie Medallion

Sun 9th September

£120 team of 3 open to MacKenzie Clubs

Click here for more details






Rabbit Captain's Weekend

1st A Tinsdeall   42 pts
2nd: M Rowe      39 pts
3rd: M Hinchliffe  38pts
1st Chris Hall              45 pts
2nd: Simon Whitham   43 pts
3rd: P Pither               42 pts
1st: J Lawton              37 pts
2nd: M Booth              32 pts
Junior Div A
1st: George Hanosn    42 pts
2nd: Oliver Caton       39 pts
Junior Div B
1st: Oliver Hirst          29 pts
2nd: Toby Price          27 pts
3rd: Oliver HIghes      27 pts
Sunday Scramble
1st: J Bentley, S Smith, M Harper & J Forrest
2nd: D Dixon, P McAllister, D Kinghorn & P McAllister
3rd: A Taylor, H Taylor, T Holt & L Whitwam