Proud hosts of  

Pro 2020 & PGA North Region.


Great golfers playing our great Mackenzie course.


Friday 17th January 

Course Open - Majority Temp Greens 
























Annual Dinner Dance 2020
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Live music, DJ & 4 course dinner

Rabbit Captain's Weekend

1st: Craig McCreadie    64
2nd: Peter Morris          68
3rd: Vince Rose            69
1st: Mark Firth               65
2nd: Alan Sanderson     65
3rd: Richard Wimpenny 66
Best Gross: Luke Edmonds   69
5/6 Day members Competition:
1st: Chris Ellam             44 points
2nd: Alan Taylor            43 points
1st: Barbara Nutton       38
2nd: Anne Robinson
3rd: Elizabeth Jobes
Div A Juniors
1st Zak Holroyd
2nd: Sam MacDonald