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England v Croatia  11th July



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News At The Heath

Ladies Am-Am on 5th August 2015

28 Teams of 4 players from 25 different clubs
Approx £175 raised at the half way house& through sale of jams, chutneys& marmalades etrc……for Madam Captains Charity: Yorkshire Air Ambulance

1st – 84 pts

J Helliwell/Bingley St Ives     
      L Randerson/Bingley St Ives     
      J Tedstone/Willow Valley
      S White/South Bradford

2nd – 83 pts 

CMansfield / Woodsome Hall
        A Taylor / Woodsome Hall                 
        B Heaton / Woodsome Hall           
        L Whitwam / CHGC

3rd - 80 pts (on back 9 c/b)

  J Wortley-Froggett/Wike Ridge
        J Lobb/Wike Ridge             
        S Rose/Wike Ridge               
        K Swarbrick/Moor Allerton          
4th – 80 pts

G Fielding/CHGC
        J Murray/Outlane                 
        A Jowett/Bradley Park           
        R James/Woodsome Hall

Nearest The Pins:

2nd: J Speight/CHGC

9th: S Harwood/Cleckheaton

12th: G Travis/CHGC

14th: M Booth/CHGC

17th: J Burton/CHGC