Will all members and visitors please be aware of the following dress regulations.

Anyone found to be in breach of these will be asked to leave the course or clubhouse.

On the Course or Practice Ground

Whilst playing the course or using the Practice area, all members and visitors are required to wear APPROPRIATE GOLF ATTIRE, including golf shoes.

Appropriate golf attire is -:

* Shoes – must be recognised golf shoes with steel, plastic, or dimpled soles. Training or walking shoes are not permissible under any circumstances.
* Socks - sports or trainer socks are permissible in any colour
* Trousers/Shorts – must be tailored. No cargo/sports-type trousers/shorts or jeans are permissible
* Shirts – must have a collar. No tee shirts, rugby or football tops are allowed, and any logo must not be excessive. Shirts must be tucked in at all times
* Sweaters – no excessive logos. Hooded tops are permissible, providing they are golf specific.
* Headwear must be worn in the appropriate manner (no back-to-front baseball caps)

In the Clubhouse Bar & Lounge areas

* Smart casual wear is always permitted in the Clubhouse, and providing clothing is not wet or soiled, a change from golf attire is not necessary
* Jeans are permitted
* ‘Workwear is not allowed’
* Trainers are permitted, and formal sandals without socks, but no flip flops
* Soft spikes and dimpled golf shoes are allowed providing they are clean and dry

For the purposes of clarity, the following are NOT considered acceptable:

* Wet or soiled clothing/shoes
* Caps/Hats, Outdoor jackets/coats, wind-tops, fleeces, waterproof jackets, and other golf outerwear
* Flip flops

All Members, the Head Professional, General Manager, the Directors, and the Bar & Catering Managers have the right to refuse access to the course or clubhouse if anyone is considered not to be conforming to the dress code.

The Board will not accept any member or visitor ignoring a request from staff to change or leave the building. Members and guests who persistently abuse the dress code rules are liable to disciplinary action.